Farhoud Kafi

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Former President, Babson Global

With over 35 years of teaching and business and management experience, Professor Kafi is a recognized leader in the education and entrepreneurship fields. As President of Babson Global, a wholly owned subsidiary of Babson College, Professor Kafi is responsible for implementing the college’s global vision of entrepreneurial education ‘of all kinds’ by helping educational institutions to move beyond traditional “entrepreneurship programs” and embrace “Entrepreneurial Thought and Action™” in order to bring about positive social change.

Prior to joining Babson Global, Professor Kafi served as Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Senior Associate Dean and Director of the Finance Program at Hult International Business School in Boston. Additionally he served as Acting Dean of the San Fransisco and Shanghai Campuses. During his tenure at Hult, Professor Kafi was responsible for the accreditation and approval of Masters Programs from the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, as well as the recruitment of faculties for new campuses.

Professor Kafi has enjoyed a variety of private business ventures including as founder and board member of Plexus Solutions, a Boston area consulting firm, Vice President of LexCom, Inc., as well as CEO of Matrix Corporation. From 1981 to 1991, he was co-founder and Managing Director of Links International Inc., a global import/export consulting firm ranked number 23 in New England. Professor Kafi has delivered numerous presentations on Economic Development, Foreign Investment, International Trade, Economic Policy and National Strategy, as well as conducted numerous workshops on Project Management. His consulting activities have entailed Cost-Benefit Analyses, Risk Assessments, and Strategic Planning. Concurrently, Professor Kafi has served on the faculty of Babson College since 1979. He has also served on the faculties of Hult International Business School, Brandeis College, Suffolk University, Northeastern University and Boston University.