Business Innovation Webinars

Business Innovation webinars invite innovation leaders and practitioners from various industries and business functions to learn about business innovation and a powerful framework, developed by IXL Center and the GIM Institute.

How to identify growth opportunities for your organization?

Fields of Play (Growth Platforms): Learn a powerful tool that has helped hundreds of organizations to drive 10x growth 

IXL Center senior consultant Rohan Sakpal shares with you why building Fields of Play (Growth Platforms) is important for companies’ strategic growth and how this tool has helped hundreds of companies like Alibaba, H&M, IBM, Verizon, Johnson Controls and Sanofi drive their strategic growth.

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Ideas are easy, execution is everything. How to make innovation real? 

During this webinar, Innovation Guru and IXL Senior Partner Ronald Jonash shares with you a proven methodology on developing actionable business cases and “protocepts” that will enable you to execute faster. Ron also introduces the framework of “Innovation 4.0” and how to leverage tools of simulation, visualization, virtualization and gamification to rapid test ideas and bring ideas to implementation and commercialization.

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2019 March 21

Bionic Company:
Disrupt or be disrupted

John Sviokla

2019 May 23

How to start?
The journey of innovation

Arnaldo Arnal

Work with 5 MBA and PhD teams to explore new growth opportunities!